May in the community

Asi’s monthly article, with photos.

The month of May seemed to be dominated by community engagement. Which gave me pause to reflect on how much time Jesus spent engaging in communities. Much of Jesus’ Ministry took place in his travels, preaching and visiting with people in their homes, celebrating and sometimes grieving alongside others. During this month I also preached on “Jesus said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.'”This found me in deeper reflection attempting to embed deep into my sub conscience the question, ‘What would Jesus do?’ Not always but sometimes I remember as I engage in life today, there are times when situations arise for good – or not so good. But, before taking action, one must pause and ask what would Jesus do?

Tuesday 13th May saw a gathering of nearly 250 people at the York gardens community centre for the South London Citizens assembly.  The place was jam packed and each time I got up (which was about twice) I lost my seat, it was that busy. Which is absolutely fantastic, to see so many local people engaging in public life, coming together and celebrating their victories and achievements. A wonderful occasion for the Munisi family to contribute to the celebrations with a song. We chose to sing together ‘Lean on me’ which we felt encompasses what London Citizens is all about, bringing people together to support and help each other live their vision of a good life. It was all quite a lively event.

The Westbridge choir had a brilliant time on our studio visit at Caius house. Still in the old Wand building in Petworth street, Caius house is a provision for young people named after it’s founders from one of the Cambridge colleges. The studio space is quite small so the choir went up in year groups for the music studio experience, which is upstairs. Whilst waiting to tour the year groups had access to computers, table tennis, and Tony the chief executive played basketball with those who wanted to in the gym. The children absolutely enjoyed their time at Caius house and we look forward to the opening of their new building at the end of July.


The year 4’s explore the electric guitar.

and check out the vocal recording booth.

For the last few months there’s been lot’s of preparation going on for the celebrations of Katherine Low’s 90th birthday street party. This went off with a bang! Lot’s of people came, the atmosphere was lively and it was a really nice to see all the diverse parts of the community which make up Battersea come together and celebrate. The Westbridge choir gave a wonderful performance and it was so encouraging as parents and teachers, even the new head at Westbridge, came to support. We opened with an original number from me with the choir singing the chorus. The track is called ‘Let’s Celebrate’ which as the title suggests sings about celebrating God’s creation of us.

Wandsworth-20140517-00140 (Small)

The choir sings: ‘God made us, let’s celebrate’. Which actually starts and ends in Swahili which the choir picked up quickly and easily. Let’s celebrate in Swahili is tushangilie. God made us in Swahili is Mungu wame ni umba.

The choir went on to sing songs we had been learning over the last term. The energy was just amazing and the crowd were so encouraging and pleased.

  Wandsworth-20140517-00162 (Small)

The choir sings ‘Kumala vista’ led by deputy head Sarah Jones who took the choir for a music workshop at Saint Cecilia’s Wandsworth where they learned the song.

The baked bean choir followed on from us. A group of young adults with special needs that my brother Danny Munisi is part of. Easy enough to spot him, he’s the one that missed the memo to wear black and turned up in traditional colourful African attire.

Wandsworth-20140517-00167 (Small)

Such a heartfelt performance

It was so wonderful to finally get to hear Ruth’s choir sing, accompanied by our Vicar Simon on the piano.

Wandsworth-20140517-00169 (Small)

Fantastic sound and I just loved their rendition of the ‘rhythm of life’.

Of course there were speeches and a lovely big cake, there was so much going on using the whole space inside and the road outside. It’s so wonderful to have such an occasion to celebrate.


Kind regards, Asi Munisi
 Families & Children’s Minister
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