Letters to the Editor

A letter to the editor from Sophie

A Letter to the Editor
There  are  many  things  we  take  for  granted,  and  sometimes  I  feel  we  must  be  reminded about the basics. It may be that many people who receive your monthly e-newsletter are already attending St Mary’s, but there may be many who do not and  receive the newsletter to find out what St Mary’s or being a Christian is all about.

Would it be at all possible for your newsletter to start off with an invitation to come to  St Mary’s for worship? When speaking to family, friends, colleagues they are always  able  to  say  they  have  never  been  invited  to  church,  and  today  it  lead  me  to  wondering if this should be the opening to all church communication to welcome and  invite to attend a service, just in case it reaches that person who is not already part  of the congregation and was waiting for that invitation to being the journey.

Just an idea I thought I’d share.

Sophia Gibson
The Vicar replies…
What an excellent piece of feedback from Sophia. It’s always good to be reminded
that  our  newsletter  is  not  only  a  way  of  communicating,  but  also  a  way  of  inviting  people as well. So, yes, we will regularly remember to invite people to come along to  St Mary’s and this Season of Lent is a great time to reconnect with the worshipping  community.  Everyone  reading  this  is  warmly  welcome  to  come  back  to  church.

These words of Thought for the Day’s John Bell express it well:

This is the table not of the Church but of the Lord.
It is to be made ready for those who love him,
and who want to love him more.
So, come,
you who have much faith
and you who have little,
you who have been here often
and you who have not been for a very long time,
you who have tried to follow
and you who have failed.
Come, not because it is I who invite you:
it is our Lord.
It is his will that those who want him
should meet him here.

Simon Butler