Junior Church

Junior church update and other news from Asi

Junior Church 1st Sunday Worship

You may have noticed that 1st Sunday’s are changing. Children are now invited to come straight to the crypt at from the start of 11am for Junior Worship; we begin with singing a hymn together and a special prayer of confession for an opportunity for our children to say sorry to God. We then sing a song to greet the gospel and hear the word, followed by the message and some discussion, before our prayers  and close to rejoin the congregation for the Eucharist.

Junior Church Nativity

It’s that time of year again and we will begin preparing for this years nativity from Sun 15th November.  Previously before the summer break we explored being shepherds.

kids dressed as shepherds kids dressed as shepherds


It was fun for the children to dress up as shepherds and imagine what it must have been like back in the time of Jesus to look after sheep. Shepherds in Jesus time were not the most respected people, in fact they were considered the lowest of the low, dirty and smelly. Despite all this an angel of the Lord chose to appear and reveal the birth place of our Lord Jesus Christ, calling the lowest of the low to be witnesses for our Saviour.

This year we will have a traditional scripted nativity as part of the last Sunday of advent Service.

In Memory of my Father

I was truly touched by the love received from my Father’s people on returning to Tanzania, Kilimanjaro. My Mother, brothers & I were received by a huge crowd waiting with vehicles to transport us and my Father’s body to the village. One land rover took me and my aunt (who whisked me into one of my uncles vehicles) my mother was in another and my brothers in a different one so that all followed the vehicle which carried my father’s coffin.

It was quite an emotional journey with bumps along the way. Although the main roads were tarmacked, the mountain road that leads to the farm was rocky and, as we arrived bringing the rain, our vehicle got stuck three times, which was quite scary as there were no barriers. Luckily Uncle Kimaro was an excellent driver so we eventually arrived safely.

We arrived in the dark, as there was no power, so no lights. A common occurrence in the village.  Josh did give me a torch, telling me I would need it and he was right. As per tradition my Father’s coffin spent the night in the house before the burial the following day.

The whole village came to pay their respects and family flew in from Dar es salem and Kenya. The Church had prepared a wonderful house for my Father’s coffin and the grave was tiled up to the top, with a space for my Mother. It was quite a different experience. I was amazed at how much my Father was loved by his people, who thanked my Mother and I for looking after him and expect me to continue to show the love my father did for his people. Now that my Father has been laid to rest in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, I hope to be making annual trips back home and pray I will be able to maintain the level of love and care for the people of Kilimanjaro, Usawa as my Father did.

the grave of Shedrack Munisi

The Church spelling of my Father’s name is how it is pronounced by the local people. Another common occurrence is the discrepancy you may notice in his date of birth, which we are still looking into.

I was blessed to catch a glimpse of the Kilimanjaro mountain top one day. Most days it was covered with clouds.


Kind regards,

Asi Munisi
Families & Children’s Minister