Junior Church

It has been a great month in Junior Church!

It has been  a great month in Junior Church!

We have now been doing Godly Play since January and it is fantastic to see how well the children have taken to it. The children now rush downstairs eager to go into the Godly play room to hear this week’s story.

It is amazing to see how much more the children are engaging with the Bible stories. They’re starting to see that the stories aren’t just for adults but for them as well. They love that the story sets are theirs and unlike a lot of things in church they’re allowed to touch them and play with them. Some of the things the children have done and said as they played have given me new insight to the Bible.

One moment that particularly stands out to me was when we did the parable of the great pearl. One of the children was playing with the set stacking all the merchants furniture and the pearls into a tower. After she finished making the tower she came over to me and said “I am not sure if I can give you everything but I can give you a hug.”

This made me really appreciate that the lessons of the parables do not have to be distant almost unreachable goals but that we can implement them small ways right now in are every day life. We can slowly build up to everything.

Another wonderful thing about the Godly play sessions has been seeing how much the parents as well as the children are taking to it.

Everyone seems to understood that the children need to be given some freedom and space in their creative time so they can interpret the story in their own way. It’s been really lovely to see some new families start to come to junior church because they enjoy Godly play.

We have really appreciated everyone’s support as we have transitioned to Godly play, especially the choir who have been very understanding about us taking over their space. I hope everyone can agree that despite the hassle and stress that the translation was worth while!