Junior Church

2018 is set to be a very exciting year for Junior Church

2018 is set to be a very exciting year for Junior Church! We’ve decided to try a new method of teaching called Godly Play.

Godly Play aims to give the children a deeper and more personal understanding of faith and the Bible. Each session is centred around a different Bible story which is told using plain wooden figures to engage the children’s imaginations. After the story the children are encouraged to wonder about the story that they have just heard. The wondering is a very special time; it allows everyone the opportunity to give voice to the difficult questions that the Bible generates.

However, the most important part of Godly Play is the free creative time after the story. The children are given the opportunity to do the activity which they think will most help them understand the story they have just heard. This could be painting, writing, playing with the wooden figures or just sitting quietly.

We decided to introduce the congregation to Godly Play during the Nativity. Instead of doing our normal pageant we decided to show a video of me telling the Nativity story using the Godly play method. But the real highlight of the Nativity was the children’s energetic carol singing. Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes!

The congregation was slightly shocked when we asked them to join us in answering the wondering questions and were very much shown up by the children. But never fear you have a whole year to practice for next time!

Joking aside we would really love it if the congregation engaged with Godly Play. We truly believe that Godly Play has the potential to transform the spirituality of Junior Church and it would be very special if you could help us on this journey.

Each Godly Plays session needs a door keeper, to ensure that the Children are in the right mood to enter the Godly Play room, this is a small but vital role as it helps to create the peaceful atmosphere the children need to think. If you would be interested in volunteering to be a door keeper (it would only take up one of your Sundays) please contact Cal [email protected] .

Well all that is left now is to wish everyone a very Happy and God blessed 2018!