Remembering our dear friend Jenny

Remembering our dear friend Jenny
It is about a month ago that we said good bye to dear Jenny. Many of you will have known Jenny for much longer than me, as she had been a loyal and committed church member for some twenty years! I will leave others to tell you about how much Jenny meant to them over that period, though I know love, faith and integritywill feature strongly in what they say.
I had the enormous privilege of first getting to know Jenny when she participated in the Alpha course at St Mary’s in 2011. It was clear Jenny had a deep devotion for St Mary’s and that her faith was deeply rooted and very real. However, like many of us who participate in Alpha, Jenny wanted to examine afresh what her faith meant to her.
Throughout our many weeks of discussion, sometimes very heavy and personal, others light and fun, Jenny shared her faith and doubts openly and with deep intellectual honesty. I remember very powerfully the warmth, respect and support she always showed
to others, which was an example to us all.
Last year Jenny joined Matthew Guest and me, in starting the Sunday Morning Group. We spent many Sunday mornings being challenged by the Beatitudes and their countercultural approach to life. These discussions were very special to each of us. For Jenny, whose faith journey was moving powerfully, they seemed to highlight what an amazing God we have. For me, as I started my Ministerial training, they helped me review my personal values. I believe there was no better place or family for me to do this with. We also had a lot of fun studying the Bible together – with Jenny it was difficult not to enjoy yourself, even when you were learning life-changing lessons!
Jenny was one those very special people who, when you think of them, you feel warm inside and want to smile; so losing her is so hard. In our pain we can be reassured that Jenny’s faith was very strong and that she was clearly at peace with God and herself.
Jenny’s faith and love lives on, including in the many lives she touched here and her family, who meant so much to her.

Thank you Lord for our Jenny. Thank you that through Your love and grace she is now safe in Your arms for ever.
Colin Wimsett