Glass Door Update

Glass Door exists “to support people who are homeless and whom no one else can or will help

“No one should have to sleep on the streets of London”

Glass Door exists “to support people who are homeless and whom no one else can or will help. We aim to bring practical and emotional support and some stability to help people get back on their feet”. Advice and practical support is provided during the daytime throughout the year and it is London’s largest emergency winter night shelter.

This winter the night shelters will be open from 6th November 2017 until 8th April 2018.  Churches across the boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and, for the first time last year, Wandsworth will provide a safe, warm place to sleep for at least 100 men and women every night. Guests will also receive a hot supper and breakfast in the morning, cooked and served by volunteers.


Members of St Mary’s have been contributing clothing and toiletries to Glass Door on a regular basis for several years. In the September newsletter I reported they were not taking donations of clothes as they had reached their limit for storage.  However, their update at the end of October indicates an urgent need for some items which I will happily deliver to them over the next few weeks:

Currently most urgently needed:

  • Women’s clothing of all kinds including shoes. (One female guest is clothing size 18/20 and would happily accept anything available)
  • Men’s clothing: in particular jeans, tracksuit bottoms and jumpers

Items for shower facilities:

  • Toiletries of all kinds, particularly shampoo, men’s razors and women’s sanitary products;
  • Towels

Items generally needed for the clothing bank:

·        Socks;

·        New underwear;

·        Sleeping bags;

·        Bags, particularly rucksacks;

·        Shoes and boots in decent condition;

·        Clothing, including coats, jeans, t-shirts and sweaters


These items can be brought to church on Sundays or to the parish office between 9.30 and 12.30 on weekdays. If you have items to donate but it is difficult for you to take them to the church please let me know at [email protected] or on 07956 655037.

Thank you all in anticipation of your support!



More individuals access shelter

The expansion into Wandsworth  with seven churches joining the two established church shelter circuits in the boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham and Chelsea & Kensington ultimately meant fewer individuals slept on night buses, under awnings and in parks.

Every night during the coldest five months of the year, 87 individuals on average were able to find shelter in our network of church halls. Thanks to a growing base of supporters and partner churches, we were able to help a total of 420 individuals off the street for an average of 32 nights. That’s up from 253 individuals staying in our shelters last year a 62% rise.

Individuals who were particularly vulnerable, a woman in her sixties coming out of hospital, for example, were able to get in right away, thanks to the additional space. Says Glass Door chief Steven Platts”