Tips from Diana Goodwin


Just a few reminders and tips regarding the blue gift aid envelopes and giving through your bank:

Gift Aid envelopes

Thank you for making donations using the blue gift aid envelopes.

  • Write legibly
  • Give your first name or initials as well as your family name
  • State Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms etc
  • Give the number or name of your house or flat
  • Give the name of the street or road
  • Give the postcode
  • Sign the envelope but NOT over the postcode!

If it is not possible to complete these details on the returns to HMRC, gift aid cannot be claimed.
In the last year quarter of 2013, we abandoned claiming gift aid on £105 as a result of one or  more of the issues stated above – we lost £26 as a result.


Standing orders are set up with the person’s bank following completion of the appropriate form.
The form is sent to the individual’s bank by the Gift Aid Secretary for action.
Any change in the sum to be paid on a regular basis has to be actioned by the account holder.
The donor should check that the correct sum is transferred each month.
It is helpful if the donor advises the Gift Aid Secretary of any change in the regular donation

Thank you for your generosity and cooperation.
Diana Goodwin
Gift Aid Secretary