Giving in the churches of Sierra Leone

Everyone’s a Giver: some reflections from Sierra Leone

In this article the churches encourage one another to remember the abundance with which we have been blessed by God, and asked the congregation to give freely from that abundance.  We say we “give back” to God what God has given to us.
People’s stewardship to the church meant giving money is involved. Tithing is giving away 10% of their income. Stewardship and tithing are by no means limited to the churches. The church is in real competition with other good and faithful organisations for financial support.  Clergy and staff are dependent on the financial support of people in the congregation in order to earn their living. The challenge for the church and for those who are employed by it is to keep the terms clear and also the goal.

Saint Henry's Parish

Saint Henry’s Parish, one of the oldest churches in Sierra Leone

In some churches in Sierra Leone there are Fund Raising activities organised by different organisations.  There are men and women organisations or joint groups of both sexes.  Every Sunday there is a group or organisations holding a thanksgiving service.   Especially Choir Sunday, Sunday school thanksgiving or church schools etc.  Each organisation identifies a particular item eg: the organ, roof, chairs, generators, lighting and so on.  They give special donation envelopes to distinguished people, well-wishers and the congregation.
Other organisations organised:
Bring and buy food, Dinner and Dances, Special services for special people in the community and the displayed.
During service the church collects further donations by organising competitions which the congregations finds exciting and willing to donate towards such as:
*Pin a Friend
*Birthday completion by month or day you were born
*Male versus Female
*In weddings competition is held between the bride and groom
*During Harvest fresh fruits and vegetables are brought to church by members and villagers for blessings and after service all the items are sold and donated to the church.
Doris Carr