Fundraising Lunch

Michi’s fundraising event in memory of her late friend.

MICHI’s Fund Raising Birthday party

6th December Sat. pop in anytime between 1~4pm
23 Gardiner House, 30 Surrey Lane, Battersea, SW11 3TD


Suggested donation £10 per person (smaller donation for children)

This is a FUND RAISING EVENT for my late friend’s pet rats living expenses, including veterinary  bills.

You can see and handle her rats if you want to.
lj My very best friend, Lesley Jane Handy, aka LJ Ratlover, passed away in July this year leaving behind 10 pet rats, which she loved.
LJ was a very sensitive and caring person. To support others (either human and animal) was her nature. Needless to say, she loved and cared for her pet rats more than anything in the world. Her rats also supported and healed her and gave her the reason to live. No one looked after them as she did. I know what she would do. So I decided to adopt all of her 10 rats. Looking after so many pet animals is very costly. Food, bedding and veterinary bill are expensive. So I decided to hold this event.nelie
She had battled against her mental illness, ex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) and
Dissociative identity disorder (DID). she died in her flat from an accidental over dose of research chemical and alcohol.
We met at Blue Cross Animal Hospital 6 years ago. I lived with her on and off for the last few
years. Since I moved to Battersea she visited me a few times a week and we enjoyed chatting on the phone every day. It continued until early in the morning that she died.
I and LJ promised that when she recovered, we would start a Rat Therapy charity for healing  people who suffer from mental illnesses (especially abused children) and prove that rats are awesome! Too many people just follow silly medieval manmade stories which are completely untrue. Her life in this world has ended but her wish is still very active in my heart. So, I am trying to make our dream come true one day.

Come with your friends and family. All are welcome.

Please do not bring present, drink, flower or anything. if you have money to buy those pleas donate for rats  – If you wish to support her rats you can make a donation here.

You can know the real LJ from her Facebook before 23 July.

contact to Michi
07958-491-667 [email protected]