From our Families and Children’s Minister

This month’s thoughts from Asi Munisi

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is fast approaching and families are feeling pressured to make this the most special Christmas with costly gifts, cards & decorations. With our numerous events for families coming up we hope that it will take their focus away from the material and on to the Spiritual. Christmas is a great time for family, friends and fellowship.

On Sunday 8th December we will be holding a Christingle Service here at St Mary’s in the Church at 3pm, with a live band, led by our very own Aine Kennedy, a very talented and most promising young musician. And with lots of Christingles to go around it promises to be a lively service. We will also be given an opportunity to recognise that there are some children who will be in need this Christmas, so it’s important for us to support the work of the children’s society to help those children whom they reach out to.

Junior Church Picture

Junior Church

I have begun working with children at Westbridge Primary school and we recently formed a choir. We are currently working on Christmas songs for a concert at the school on Wednesday 18th December at 2.30pm. The children and their new Assistant head Sarah Jones are so excited and the enthusiasm and energy that continues to go round will make for a great celebration.

A petition has been brought to us at St Mary’s to sign for a crossing to be placed on the road at the Sunbury Lane junction so people can safely cross over from St Mary’s over to the Sunbury Lane side and vice versa. Please do see me after 11am Services, over the next 2 Sundays I will leave it at the back by the trays for a little while after those Services (1st & 8th Dec) if you would like to sign for us to get that crossing.

We look forward to celebrating with our Monday toddlers at the Eat, Play , Love Cafe Christmas party on the 16th December. It looks like it’s going to be a fun filled event for our toddlers who are very excited.

On Sunday 22nd December our Junior Church will be presenting a Nativity during the 11am Service. We are so blessed to have the choral scholars sing some extracts from David Palmer’s ‘Holy Boy’ as the children mime the story of the nativity.

KLS are looking for volunteers for the Wednesday Homework club. Lucy Rix the coordinator of the love to learn project writes:

‘The juniors, at which we have most need of more volunteers, starts at 4.30 and runs to 6pm; seniors is from 6.30 to 8. We encourage volunteers to come about 15-30 mins before the start time to help set everything up.’

Please let me know if you feel like helping primary aged children to complete their homework and I can put you in touch with Lucy.

Finally we have our Christmas Eve ‘Toddler Praise’ on surprise, surprise, Christmas Eve. This year 24th December falls on a Tuesday. Some of our toddlers have already started learning ‘Away in a Manger’ thanks to our very own Faith who has been teaching them this lovely carol over the last few weeks.

Looks like December is going to be full of fun. Please pray that all goes well.