Film Night Programme 2013-2014

St Mary’s church runs a monthly film night. Film, wine, popcorn and discussion are included.

St Mary’s church runs a monthly film night.
(We don’t meet during the seasons of advent and lent)
You are most welcome to suggest a film and prepare a few thoughts which relate Christian faith to its themes.

All films start at 6pm at the church. Film, wine, popcorn and discussion are included.

Sue 7228 9534
Dominic & Linda 7225 7337
Simon 7228 8141

Programme 2013-2014

Sunday 1st September 2013: Jesus of Montreal

A motley bunch of actors perform a Passion Play in Montreal and find the story has unexpected resonances. (114 mins, 18)

Sunday 6th October 2013:Mea Maxima Culpa

Powerful award-winning documentary exploring clerical sex abuse in the Catholic Church (106 mins, Unclassified)

Sunday 3rd November 2013: Another Year

Mike Leigh explores aging in a typically bittersweet comedy. (129 mins, 12)

Sunday 5th January 2014: Coriolanus

Shakespeare’s great play in a contemporary re-telling by Ralph Fiennes. (123 mins, 15)

Sunday 2 February 2014: Silver Linings Playbook

A surprise hit at 2013’s Oscars, a film that explores mental health with warmth & wit. (122 mins, 15)

Sunday 4th May 2014: Grizzly Man

Werner Herzog’s moving documentary explores the life and death of Timothy Treadwell, who lived with Alaskan Grizzly Bears. (103 mins, 15)

Sunday 1 st June 2014: Wadjda

A heart-warming tale of a small girl with attitude in conservative Saudi Arabia (98 mins)