FaithWorks 18: Community Showcase

St Mary’s is planning to hold a Community Showcase in Battersea Square

On Saturday 15th September, St Mary’s is planning to hold a Community Showcase in Battersea Square. This will be an opportunity for us to draw together a significant number of community groups working across our area, a chance for them to show to others the work in which they are involved and a way of celebrating all that makes Battersea a good place to live and serve others. This event will replace St Mary’s Fair in 2018.

Organising such a major community event is no small undertaking. Fortunately, we have had excellent guidance from those who have organised the Summer in the Square event that took place over a number of years some while ago. So, although we know there will be a lot to do, we have a template from which to work, and good links with other groups who can advise and support us.

But we now need to get going on the planning. If you might be interested in joining the planning group, led by Jazz Wilson and Simon Butler, please come along to a planning meeting on Thursday 25th January at 8pm in the Crypt (via the riverside door).




What is this event about? Drawing together people from across our diverse community to celebrate all that is going on and to build a sense of community in North Battersea.


Who is it for? It’s for everyone. Any community group can showcase their event through a stall, a display, or even a stage performance.


Where will it be held? In Battersea Square. We will seek permission for a road closure down to the entrance archway to Thomas’s Playground.


Why not in the Churchyard? Battersea Square is more central and visible to many, because of its social hub of cafes and restaurants. It is also a sign of St Mary’s ‘going out’ into the community and not just expecting people to turn up to where we are. It’s missional.


Are we having a Fair this year? No. With many big events to organise in the autumn, we don’t want to overstretch ourselves. Many of those involved in the Fair in recent years feel it is getting less effective as a fundraising and a community event and, without new energy, feel its time for a break.


How can I get involved? Come along to the meeting on Thursday 25th January at 8pm at church to find out more.