End of Year 2017; Change Your Ways

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “Who am I?” The answer is that you are a child of God and in the Lord, sealed in the Holy Spirit who is living in you. We are all children of God.

Therefore, let your thoughts be clean, free from all impurities like falsehood, blasphemy, stealing, corruption, back stabbing, or spreading rumours. It is very good and healthy to live in the Lord, but sometimes it is very difficult.

For no just cause that you can lay your hands on, you feel not really happy. You may have in mind an inability to manage financially, or there may be demands on you that you can’t meet. You may have thoughts about what you could have been but due to one reason or another you’re still not there. You are unrecognised, especially when you think that you have worked very hard throughout your life.

You may have ignored good advice. You may have played a lot when you were meant to work. You may live blaming yourself or others for your lack of success. You may only blame others tying to exonerate yourself. You may have self pity or feel that life is unfair.

Life is often what you make it. Stop blaming others. Do that and remember the fable of the grasshopper and the soldier ant. The grasshopper had a good time enjoying relaxation when it should have been working, saving for difficult days ahead. The ant, on the other hand, was always hard working and used the time profitably to prepare for the future and difficult times ahead.

My father (may his soul rest in peace) taught us, “Hard work does’t kill, instead you reap the best. It’s laziness that kills with no future hope. When you grow you will always remember this.” I thank God for this great lesson, as I live by it. When I work diligently I have a good harvest. What we sow is what we reap. I strongly believe that no good, hard work remains unrewarded. When the time is right, the reward door opens. You’ll be surprised. Those who formerly looked down on you now unbelievably come to ask for your help. To me, this is life’s way.

May God help us to realise what we came to this world to do, and then do it conscientiously. Be good to all people for we’re all children of God. If you love one another as you love yourself, evil will fly out of your life. Be kind to those you meet going up the ladder, for you may meet them again on your way down.

Let your prayer life be intense, not just like a baby, but mature. Consider that God may be making a break-through in your life. Prayer breaks the bounds that hold us. Prayer gives guidance when you don’t know what to do. When you read Psalm 23 or pray The Lord’s Prayer, remember that God will direct you in all you have to do. You will grow old gracefully with his guidance.

May God help us to experience his assistance and guidance, to make whatever changes are needed and to have a blessed 2018. Remember that in Jesus we are new people.

Happy New Year.

God bless you all.

Gladys Ikeme (Child of God)