Editors Notes

It is good to be back home at St. Mary’s.

Editor’s Notes


It is good to be back home at St. Mary’s. We returned in time to attend Easter service with you. What a joy!

I was especially struck with the preaching both on that day, by Leslie and later by Simon during a Sunday service when there was a baptism. Leslie reminded us that the resurrection gives us the promise that we will never be abandoned, that we will live forever with God even if we have to say that we don’t know how. Simon reminded us that it is not who we are, but whose we are that ultimately matters; through faith in Jesus Christ, we are given a new identity that transcends and renews all the other ways we understand ourselves, Jesus is now our identity. Although I am always blessed by hearing their sermons, I was particularly inspired by those. I know that my spiritual life is enriched by the preaching at St. Mary’s and I thank God for the excellent quality of the sermons.

I am also aware of the close family that is the essence of St. Mary’s. We need to know who our family members are. In this edition, there is a short bio by our Organ Scholar. I am planning (with the co-operation of those involved, of course) to have bios of all office holders in subsequent issues, as well as all of those on the electoral roll, so don’t be surprised if I approach you. I have discovered that there is not one person living who is not worthwhile, and that all life stories are important. I am looking forward to hearing yours.

In addition, I am really eager to have feedback from readers about the newsletter. Especially doing it from a distance, as I have done for over two of the four and a half years I have been editor, it is difficult to judge whether people find it meets their expectations or needs. Specific feedback is really helpful, even positive criticism. Please let me have your thoughts and opinions. I would like to produce the best newsletter for this congregation, but I need your help to do that.


Praise God!