Editors Notes

Editors notes from Emrys

It is wonderful to be back home! I love being able to share events like birthdays and school performances with my family. I am enjoying chatting face to face with my church family as well. Being able to participate in a home group is also excellent.
I attended a choral evensong on my return. The singing was glorious, of course, due to the quality of our choir. The opportunity to sit quietly and meditate was enriching, and the sense of God’s spiritual presence in the church as we worshipped was awe
I noticed that the choir was singing to just a few of us gathered together. I asked, and was told that choral evensong is not well attended at St. Mary’s. That is a pity, I think, as it is a powerful service to attend.
I know that the vicar and PCC would be interested in knowing what would be needed for
more people to attend this service. I would be grateful to hear from you as to what might encourage you to attend evensong. Give it a try and I am certain that you will be happy you did. Write to me with any suggestions that I can pass on to ‘the powers that be’. I suspect the choir also would be happy to sing to a fuller congregation.
On another topic, I am looking for members of the congregation who are willing to share their faith journeys through the newsletter. I would be happy to interview people and to write the articles. It would be good to have an understanding of the process that resulted in each of us becoming members of St. Mary’s. Each story is unique and can bless those reading it. God works with each of us individually, and each story is worth telling.
Praise God!
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts
Please send any articles for the newsletter to me at [email protected]