Editors Notes

The newsletter Editor Emrys gives update from his home in the USA. The weather there makes our heatwave look pretty tame!

This past weekend I had the joy of a visit from my son, Treflyn, who had been working in the United States last week. It is always a blessing to be able to spend time with family. We visited a state park, where he took the attached photo. As you can see, the drought continues. Many non-native trees are dying from the lack of moisture.

drought in USA

drought in USA

On Sunday, after church in Livermore, we had lunch with my colleague (Nataliya) who has been on maternity leave. She and her husband attend church in Concord, where I live. I was amazed at how small the world is, as my son knows and has worked with many people whom Nataliya and her husband know. They have all been involved in Christian work in Ukraine in different ways. It was fascinating to hear them talk about mutual good friends when they themselves had never previously met.

I am back to working only three days a week from this week. Perhaps I will get caught up with correspondence…

I hope that the first notice about the St.Mary’s Fair will be in this edition of the newsletter. The ‘Fair’ Team also intend to use the web site for information on the Fair. Do look out for information and sign up as soon as you can to help. The Fair is helpful to St. Mary’s in many ways.

Praise God!

Emrys Lloyd-Roberts

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