Editors Notes

A letter from America – from Emrys

No rain recently, but plenty of blessings! God is still at work here.

See the photos of the Livermore church garden with the bark put down by our Quaker
friends and the redecorated inside. We now have 22 in worship. It is constantly amazing
to me to see God at work.

The Bible studies continue to be well attended with a lot of discussion as we ask
questions about the Holy Spirit. We don’t have all the answers, but we continue to walk
together, looking expectantly for what God has to teach us.

Livermore church in California

Livermore church in California

During Lent, it is particularly important to listen to what God is saying to each one of us,
as we consider our journey of exploration leading to Easter. Group discussions can be
most helpful at this time. If you are not already in a Lenten Group, please consider
joining one.

Praise God!
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts
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