Editors Notes

Our own “letter from America” from Emrys in California

Our drought continues and we have to endure clear blue skies and warm, sunny days. I can fully appreciate why blessings are described as rain falling from heaven.
The church at Livermore greatly appreciates that fact that sisters and brothers at St. Mary’s are supporting us in prayer. We have decided to be positive and we are in the process of painting the inside of the church.
We were also concerned about the look of the yard around the church, especially the front where passers-by see it. A group of Quakers asked to use the church to hold meetings twice a month. This has now been agreed. During conversation, it was discovered that someone in the group had a stock of surplus bark. Bark was exactly what the church needed for the yard to make it look better, so it was agreed that we would be given the bark for free to use in the yard. Praise God!
The Bible study group on Sundays before the service is going well. Most churches would be delighted to have 90% of the congregation attending the study followed by attending the morning service. We are considering the Holy Spirit by studying Old Testament texts at the moment.
It is constantly amazing to see how relevant the Old Testament is to modern life. For instance, while reading about King Saul visiting the witch at Endor (we are learning about the Holy Spirit by looking at references to ‘unholy spirits’ as well) people have mentioned current situations such as seances and ouija boards. I am reminded of the
French saying which, in translation states, “the more it changes, the more it is the same thing.”
Next month, we start with our own part time minister, who is one of the four people who started coming to church during Advent, while we were putting up our Christmas Tree.
He will appreciate your prayers for guidance to make the church relevant in Livermore.

IMG_1054 (Small)Even without rain, we are seeing blessings pouring out…

Praise God!
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts
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