Editor’s Notes

Emrys writes from sunny California

I am writing this from sunny California. Although rain is needed as there has been a drought here for a couple of years, I appreciate the sunshine while it happens. It is strange that we can take an important aspect of life, like sufficient water, for granted and even complain about the rain.

When I think of St. Mary’s I can see that all of us can take for granted the excellent things we have here like:

good sermons,

fellow worshippers,

pastoral care,

listening to the well played organ and wonderful singing of St. Mary’s choir,

the children’s programmes,

the church bells,

a well ordered and clean church building,

parish lunches,

a warm welcome each Sunday.


At this time of year when we consider our financial commitment to God through St. Mary’s we can take the whole package that is St. Mary’s for granted. Or, we can appreciate what we have and decide that it is too important to lose.

A church I used to attend here has now closed. The final service was earlier this year. It is possible that the members of the congregation did not take stewardship of what they had seriously enough to ensure that it continued. For whatever reason, they did not successfully invite friends to church, they did not sufficiently support the church financially and they did not effectively spread the good news throughout their community that God changes lives. It is sad that their light flickered and is now extinguished.

There is so much in life that we can appreciate like sunshine while it happens. Being at St. Mary’s was a good example of that for me and I now miss it. I hope we appreciate all that is St. Mary’s, as we never know when it might stop happening for us.

Praise God!

Emrys Lloyd-Roberts

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