Early Autumn at St Mary’s

Here are the main bits of what’s coming up in September and October

All of us want to be enjoying the quieter weeks of August rather than thinking too much about the autumn ‘back to business’ time. However, just to help you know what’s coming up in September and October, here are the main bits of news:


Visiting Priests and Guest Preachers: With our clergy numbers now limited to the Vicar, September will see some new faces involved in services. While Simon is taking his late-Summer holiday in the first half of September, Sunday services will be conducted by two “visiting” priests: Revd. Mark Budden is an old university friend of Simon who lives in Wimbledon and supports the work of the Wimbledon Team and Merton Deanery. Revd. Alan Boddy is known to many of us, as he lives next door in Valiant House. Alan is a “priest-vicar” at St Margaret’s Westminster and will preside, preach and baptise on 11th September.


Once a month, Simon is inviting a guest preacher to provide a different voice to his. In September, the guest preacher will be Father Graham Lunn, who works at the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in Norfolk; in October, the preacher will be Ms Janice Price, World Mission Adviser to the Archbishops’ Council and a Licensed Reader in the Surbiton Team Ministry. This year sees the 150th Anniversary of Reader Ministry in the Church of England and so a number of our visiting preachers serve as Readers.


St Mary’s Fair: The ever-popular Fair takes place on Saturday 17th September, from noon until 4pm. More details about the Fair are contained elsewhere in the Newsletter, but please do come along, enjoy spending time having some fun together, and raising funds for St Mary’s work. Please note: this is also the Open House Weekend across London and we try to keep the Church open to visitors across the weekend. More details about being a welcomer for this event soon.


Farewell to Asi Munisi: On Sunday 18th September we formally end the post of Family & Children’s Minister at St Mary’s, after a three-year post comes to its conclusion. Sadly this means saying goodbye to Asi, which we will do on Sunday 18th September at the 11am service. Details of a collection for Asi are available in the weekly newsletter in church. Details about our ongoing commitment to serving our children and families is contained in another article in this newsletter.


Harvest Thanksgiving/First Sunday Services: Asi’s departure means a return to the old way we did the First Sunday, with children remaining in church throughout the service. However, from October onwards, we shall be trying to involve our families and children in many ways: welcoming people to church, helping with readings and prayers, serving, helping with refreshments, and in many other ways. Simon is working with parents and Junior Church leaders to bring this about. This will all start with our Harvest Service, which will be at 11am on Sunday 2nd October.


Katherine Low Settlement: Our commitment to the Katherine Low Settlement will be shown by a good turnout at their always-special Annual General Meeting and Party on Wednesday 5th October at 7pm.