Callum Anderson

A brief bio of St Mary’s new Organ Scholar, Callum Anderson

I was born in Hong Kong in 1996. I then lived in Malaysia from 1998-2003, moving to London afterwards.

I heard Saint Saens Organ Symphony when I was very young and wanted to learn the organ after hearing it. I started learning the piano when I was six and then the organ when I was fourteen. It was at my school,   Bedales, where I first came in to contact with the organ. It isn’t a religious school but it had a digital organ in the assembly hall for musical purposes and the director of music taught me. It was during my years at the University of Bristol where I started to play the organ in a liturgical environment.

I was Organ Scholar at St. Mary Redcliffe from 2014-2015 and then Organ Scholar at St. Paul’s, Clifton. I was drawn to St. Mary’s Battersea as it is close to where I live now in London (Fulham), it is a beautiful church, the music making is very good and the people are lovely to work with.

Callum Anderson

Callum Anderson

I am a confirmed Christian but I don’t come from a particularly religious family, nor have I had a very religious upbringing.  I believe in life after death and the spirit world. I try to put faith in myself and others around me.

I consider music as my hobby as well as my life, although I would consider composing music a hobby. I have a particular interest in history, and I have had many obsessions with particular historical events such as the sinking of the  R.M.S. Titanic. When I was 12, I drew a metre long picture of the ship which hangs on my bedroom wall today. I also have a strong interest in conspiracy theories.

I am going to study a masters Historical Performance at the Royal Academy of Music this coming September, with the harpsichord being my main instrument of study. It is from this that I would like to have a career in historically informed performance.

Callum Anderson