Bell Ringing Update

We are fairly healthy in numbers but recruits are always welcome.

The Bell Ringers of St Mary’s were formed into a Society by the Vicar Erskine Clarke in the 1870’s prior to him forming the robed choir – both organisations surviving in good heart nearly 150 years later.

The Ringing Society had their annual meeting in February under the chairmanship of Erskine Clarke’s successor  Simon, the usual reports were given, elections held and decisions made. The Ringers are also active parties in the Surrey Association of Church Bell Ringers which serves the Diocese.

All ringing societies have the priority of the recruitment and training of new and existing ringers.

We are fairly healthy in numbers but technical skill is always an objective and recruits are always welcome. If you are interested or willing do please speak to Bob Cooles or Caroline Prescott or any of the ringers you might happen to bump into. Our ages range from ten to three score years and ten!

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