Away Giving

More details on charities supported by St Mary’s

Cardinal Hume Centre and Impact are the other two charities we are supporting through our Away Giving this year.

We will be giving £500 to each of these two charities (in addition to our Focus Charity – Kids Company – which was detailed previously).

Members of the congregation can see more information about all our Away Giving charities on the noticeboard at the right hand side of the church.

Should anyone have ideas for next year’s Away Giving, do get in touch with any of the Away Giving Committee (Cal Alphonse, Hallam Murray, Alison Wintgens). We will be considering all suggestions in the next couple of months.


The Cardinal Hume Centre

“The Cardinal Hume Centre enables people to gain the skills they need to overcome poverty and homelessness.”

It is really so much more than that and I would urge you to look at the Centre’s website where a fuller picture of the vision, mission and values can be found:

The Centre is based in Horseferry Road, Westminster, where you might not think poverty is a big problem. It is sadly, and Cardinal Hume founded the Centre to address the enormous and growing need. His ethos was to provide sanctuary and hospitality to homeless young people but also offer a holistic approach to the difficulties they faced. So whilst there are rooms in the hostel for the “vulnerably housed”, there is also a wealth of support available to them and to the many other people who need help and approach the Centre.

I became involved several years ago after I studied for my CELTA (a TEFL qualification) at South Thames College with an existing volunteer at the Centre. I am one of several English teachers who donate our time to give English lessons to asylum seekers, refugees or other immigrants who cannot gain access to colleges. Learning English, of course, is just one (important) skill that each person needs to start realising his or her full potential.

A big thank you to St Marys for their generous contribution to this work.

Faith Saunders


In 1995, Hallam & Carole Murray and Quin (then aged 5) explored Bangladesh by paddle steamer, train, bicycle, car, canoe and rickshaw, updating the Lonely Planet Guide as they went. It was on this journey that they came across the amazing work undertaken by IMPACT. For almost 20 years Hallam has been involved with IMPACT in one way or another, mostly concerned with the raising of funds. Here is a short blurb explaining just what they are about.

For 29 years Sussex based charity IMPACT Foundation has worked with partners both locally and overseas to achieve their aim that no one should become needlessly disabled by disease, lack of knowledge or shortage of medical services.

So far, thanks to IMPACT’s programme of cost effective, practical action, over 30 million people have benefitted from primary healthcare; more than 800,000 people have undergone operations to reverse a disability; health education has reached over 8,000,000 people; and more than 200,000 local medical personnel and health workers have received professional training.

With the Lifeline Express Hospital Train in India and ‘Jibon Tari’ (Boat of Life) floating hospital in Bangladesh they are taking comprehensive health care to people, many of whom have never seen a doctor before. At the same time, through immunisation, better nutrition, home gardening schemes, training health workers and appropriate health education, the whole pattern of disability is changing in areas where it was previously thought to be an inevitable fact of life.

By taking the hospital to the people, enabling access to safe water, providing the skills and resources for healthier lifestyles and giving communities the ability to recognise disability in its earliest stages, IMPACT is working towards a world where no one lives with needless disability.

Hallam Murray