Autumn Approach

Asi Munisi reflects on the approach of Autumn.

A Time of Change

As Autumn approaches I always look forward to the falling leaves. The colours are so pretty and remind me it’s a time of change.  What does change feel like? I suppose it depends on what type of change one is experiencing. A change in atmosphere can sometimes leave feelings of anxiety, excitement or fear. A change of mind can result in feelings of certainty, peace and satisfaction.  With each of these new feelings comes a point of acceptance and eventually we adjust and things that have changed become the norm until a new change comes and the cycle continues.
What is Asi on about? This new term it took me longer than usual to get back into the swing of things after a long lovely summer break. It also took me longer to switch off and actually take a break when I started my holiday. This forced me to look inwards to find out why that was and discovered, it’s adjusting to changes in routine. For me I learnt something new about myself. In my youth it was so easy to do, in my responsible adult early years it was difficult to strike an even balance between work, family and rest. Most times if I caught myself taking a break I’d feel guilty. Having some experience now, the importance of an even balance has become quite apparent, but how do you strike it? This is a journey that goes on in cycles, like the changing of seasons. We are to be grateful to God for these changes that cause us to adapt and during each time of change, perhaps we may discover something new about ourselves.
This Month on the Saturday 18th October I will be hosting a ‘Celebration of Africa’ at Christ Church East Dulwich. All are welcome to come and join me for great musical performances, storytelling and some good African food that evening. We are all connected and I will be joined by the Westbridge Choir who will be singing some African American Spirituals and more…. The choir did so well at St Mary’s fair and I’m really looking forward to seeing them take their singing to another level. Please see details below.
Celebration of Africa

Celebration of Africa

 Asi Munisi