A word from Asi

Asi Munsi our new Families and Children’s Minister of St. Mary’s talks about how her first month in the job has been.

Asi Munisi

Asi Munisi

This first month as the Families and Children’s Minister of St. Mary’s has been an extremely exciting one. Meeting new people, discovering new places. Having lived in Battersea the majority of my life it’s amazing the amount of new things I am discovering that’s right on my doorstep.

I feel that a picture of direction is beginning to form as to where we as a Parish may move toward in regards to our Families and Children’s Ministry. I am on my own journey to discover what that means and I hope for some company on this journey where we can arrive at different points along the way together.

There have been some highlights for me like mocha in a glass at the lively Eat, Play, Love Cafe on Battersea Park road. Jeanette offered such warm hospitality, creating a comfortable and enjoyable dining lunch experience.

The AGM at the Katherine Low Settlement was exciting, not quite fine dining, but an amazing turn out of people with a true community Spirit vibe. With lots of changes announced, some witnessing to their amazing work with refugees, young carers, the elderly and people with special needs. It was quite an emotional evening and I am really looking forward to working alongside Katherine Low to answer some of the needs of our community of families & children in Battersea with the help of some of you who are willing.

The children of our Junior Church are energetic and lively. This is great to come into such a lively bunch and I very much look forward to embarking on faith journeys with the children of St. Mary’s.

Every Thursday during school term time we have a Toddler Praise Service for the under 3’s. It would be nice to see the group grow and I pray that it will, with more volunteers and more attendees. We open the doors at 10.15am for a 10.30am start. A story and sing along songs with actions to guide the little ones to help them get to know Jesus. If you would like to get involved please feel free to contact me.

Every Monday during school term time over at Dimson lodge we have a toddler stay & play group from 9.30am – 11.30am. We are always looking for more volunteers to help set up, serve snacks & clear up at the end. This has proven to be an excellent place to Minister to the parents and care givers as well as to the children in a very different not so obvious way. It is about being present and in our caring actions and conversations we are sharing in God’s love for one another. If you would like to join us on Monday’s do come along one Monday and let’s have a chat, alternatively you can email or call me.