A Couple of Thank You’s

Know anyone else who could do with a thank you?

This month we say goodbye to Alex Jenkin who has sung in the choir as an alto. Alex is leaving us to relocate to Cambridge, where she now works. Alex writes this in an email to me, “I’m really sorry not to be around more for James starting and for Easter, which is always so joyful at St Mary’s. I shall miss very much the conviviality of Easter weekend as well as the liturgy of those days. As I said in my little piece for Ty’s Advent calendar, I have really valued becoming part of a church community again through singing at St Mary’s.  I shall miss St Mary’s very much and shall of course endeavour to visit!”

We thank Alex for her service and her friendly, welcoming contribution to St Mary’s life.


Leo Hamilton has been serving as a Welcomer for many years and decided, shortly before Christmas, that it was time to step down. Leo’s warm Geordie welcome has been a significant part of making people feel at home when they arrive at church, including in recent years when Leo has been a sensitive and caring funeral verger. Leo will still be coming to church. Thank you, Leo, for your service.


Simon Butler


PS Know anyone else who could do with a thank you? It’s always a pleasure to be able to do so but, sadly, my memory isn’t always as good these days as it was! Please do let me know if there are others who could be thanked.