2016 First Communion Classes

We are inviting children aged 8-12 to be prepared to receive Holy Communion. Asi would welcome children interested for their parents to register with me by Sun 6th March. Parents can contact me by phone/ email or grab me on a Sunday.

The aim

  • We are inviting children aged 8-12 to be prepared to receive Holy Communion
  • The children will make their Communion for the first time on Pentecost Sunday – there will be a simple ceremony of Admission to Communion


The need for preparation

  • Preparation is key – the Bishops insist we admit children only if they have been properly prepared
  • The children need to cover all (or at least the vast majority) of the material
  • The final decision on whether a child is sufficiently prepared will be taken towards the end of the course by Simon, on our advice, and in consultation with the parents and the child.


Timing and dates

  • The preparation will begin just before Easter
  • We plan most of the preparation sessions to be during the usual Junior Church time on Sundays
  • We can offer a different time if this will work better – we are open to suggestions
  • We can offer some ‘make up’ sessions for children if they have to miss the Sunday morning sessions
  • Assuming we use Sunday mornings, we plan sessions to be
    • Session 1: Sunday March 20th
    • Session 2: Sunday March 27th
    • Session 3: Sunday April 10th
    • Session 4: Sunday April 17th
    • Session 5: Sunday April 24th
    • Session 6: Sunday May 8th
    • Admission and First Communions: Sunday May 15th Pentecost Sunday


Structure of the course

  • The course is a standard Anglican course, called ‘Children in Holy Communion’ – copies are available
  • The course has 6 stages, and in addition the children attend the main parts of a Eucharist
  • We expect to be able to cover the 6 stages over the 6 weeks
  • The course is interactive and age appropriate, using quizzes, story-telling, artwork, discussion, etc.
  • The 6 stages are:
  1. ‘Belonging to God’ – the importance of groups and belonging, of families (our own, the Church’s, Jesus’s own family), and of baptism as a sign of belonging
  2. ‘Why we belong to God’ – reflection on the friends of Jesus during his earthly ministry, reflection on ourselves as friends of Jesus, an exercise to pray for each other
  3. ‘How we belong to God’ – things we and others do which show we belong to God (Christian symbols, talking and listening to God, engagement in church and its activities, sharing and caring, and remembering Jesus including in Holy Communion)
  4. ‘The food of belonging’ – the emotional and spiritual significance of food, the relation of food to special occasions, the history of the Passover meal, practical work with cooking or manipulating doughs and breads
  5. ‘In church’ – practical session explaining what happens in a Communion service, and practicing receiving bread and where appropriate wine
  6. ‘My Communion’ – after the children have attended the main parts of a Eucharist, an opportunity for wonder and reflection and hear from adults about the significance of Communion to them


Asi       [email protected]                        07462 655043


Asi would welcome children interested for their parents to register by Sun 6th March. Parents can contact Asi by phone/ email or grab her on a Sunday.