notices 23/06/2019

This Week at St Mary’s

Please note: Reverend Aaron Kennedy is now on a period of Shared Parental Leave and returns to public ministry on Monday 1stJuly

David Britten is on holiday this week.

The Office will be open on Monday & Friday only.

Monday           Morning Prayer at 8.30am

Tuesday            Holy Communion Service at 8.30am

Funeral Service for the late Ulrike Gregory at 2.15pm

Wednesday      Morning Prayer at 8.30am

Thursday          Holy Communion at 12.30pm

Funeral Service for the late Paul Holleley at 1.30pm

 Sunday 30thJune     St Peter

8.30am           Holy Communion (Traditional Language)

11.00am          Choral Matins

                           Officiant: The Vicar

                           Speaker: Miss Prudence Dailey, Chair of the Prayer Book Society

                             Setting: Anglican Chant; Te Deum (Stanford in B flat)

                              Anthem: O for a closer walk with God (Stanford)

6.00pm            Choral Evensong

                            Preacher: Mr Bob Cooles, Evensong Minister

                              Setting: Canticles Dyson in D

                              Anthem: Mendelssohn Verleih uns Frieden

 Prayer Requests

Individuals in need

Edwina, Jodie and Georgina Murphy, Phillip Rollitt, Kath Hamilton, Grace and Christopher, Andrea Colvile, Anne Harcombe, Patrick Ogier, Mahnaz, Georgina Kelly, Alex Nunes, and Janey B .

The departed and their families

Jim Jackson, Lusano Maran, Peter Mitchall, Marie Hilda Ferguson, James Stratton, Paul Holleley, Ulrike Gregory, Martin Vlieland-Boddy, Mefalda Magrini, Daisy Campbell, and Louise Buchanan.

 Funeral Vergers

Funerals are an important opportunity for St Mary’s to serve its parishioners and we have a small team of folk who help by welcoming people and assisting the clergy as voluntary funeral vergers. We need one or two more volunteers, available during the day. Please speak to Simon or David Britten if you can help.

This Week’s Notices

 Flowers this weekhave been donated by Carol and Geoff Brindle in celebration of Geoff’s birthday

 Paul Holleley: Paul’s funeral will be in Church this Thursday at 1.30pm. Everyone is welcome to come.

 Daisy Campbell: Long-term members of St Mary’s will be sad to hear of the death of Daisy, after a long period of ill health and confinement to bed. Daisy’s funeral will be in church on Wednesday 10thJuly at 11.30am followed by cremation at Lambeth at 1.15pm. Louis and the family would welcome your attendance.

Confirmation Preparation: If you are an adult and might be interested in being baptised and/or confirmed, please contact Simon as soon as possible.

First Communion Classes for children aged 7 or up, will take place during the 11am Sunday service from Sunday 8thSeptember to Sunday 13thOctober, with the admission service on Sunday 20thOctober. Please contact Simon if your child would like to be prepared for admission to communion.

Next Sunday the 11am service will be one of Choral Matins, in place of Holy Communion. This will be a chance to worship in this form of service that was the mainstay of the Church of England for centuries – it’s the morning equivalent of Choral Evensong. The speaker will be Prudence Dailey, Chair of the Prayer Book Society. There will be a service of Choral Evensong on the evening of 30thJune, the last one before the summer break. We shall also be saying goodbye to Guy Steed our Organ Scholar today.

Sunday 7thJuly: The Choir’s last Sunday this term will be Sunday 7thJulyand there will be no ‘first Sunday’ style service that month.

Advance Notice for New Invitation Services: These will begin in the autumn and will replace our First Sunday service with acts of worship specifically prepared on the assumption that we will invite and bring guests to the services, especially those who are not yet regular worshippers or practising Christians. The first of these on October 6thwill be our popular Pets’ Service, the November 3rdService will be Hymns and Pimm’sand the December 1stService will be a Christingle Service.

Parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham, Saturday 26thOctober: First details of our pilgrimage with Sacred Heart Church to this Anglican/Roman Catholic Shrine in Norfolk are now available at the back. Please sign up soon for coach booking.

Relighting & Redecoration Project: This major refurbishment project will begin on Monday 8thJuly and run through the autumn, probably now up to Christmas. Sunday worship will be unaffected but weekday worship will take place as follows: Monday and Wednesday 8.30am Morning Prayer: at the Vicarage; Tuesday 8.30am and Thursday 12.30pm Eucharists at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, by kind invitation of Fr. Gerry O’Shaughnessy (these will, of course, be Anglican services!)